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Meet Our Authors

  1. Prof. Jamal Khwaja
    Born in 1928, Jamal Khwaja has devoted a lifetime to the challenge of joyfully living the Quran with integrity. Khwaja studied Philosophy in India, England, and Germany.

    In 1957 he was elected to the Indian Parliament. However, his engagement with power politics was short lived. In 1962 he resumed his beloved, scholarly & contemplative lifestyle at the Aligarh Muslim University. He retired as Professor and Chairman of the Department of Philosophy. He performed Hajj in 2005.

    Jamal Khwaja has written seven major books. Anyone interested in the intersection of Islam and Modernity will find Khwaja to be a reliable guide. His works is magisterial in scope. It is full of passion but remains balanced in perspective. He believes in judicious modernization rooted on the Quran and firmly opposes shallow, unprincipled imitation of the West.

    Readers of his works will be in turn, informed, inspired, and intellectually liberated. Click here to learn more.

•Tariq Hasan
After a brief stint in industry, Tariq entered the field of journalism in 1975. He has worked in senior positions with The Pioneer, The Patriot, The Times of India and the Press Trust of India (PTI). His main sphere of interest lies in Muslim affairs, the environment and wildlife issues.

His previously published works include, the well-received work, The Aligarh Movement and the Making of the Indian Muslim Mind, 1857-2002. Follow this link to learn more; http://www.flipkart.com/aligarh-movement-making-indian-muslim/812910847x-ru23fcfipf

•Dr. Dany Doueiri
Dr. Doueiri holds a PhD in Islamic Studies from UCLA - the premier American University in Los Angeles. Currently he is teaching at UC San Bernardino.

Dr. Doueiri is a co-founder of one of the world's most popular Web sites on Islam, http://www.islam.org. Currently he is at the forefront of efforts to provide effective education over the Internet.

To learn more about him, follow this link; http://pipl.com/directory/people/Dany/Doueiri

•Pandit Sunderlal
Renowned Sanskrit scholar, Indian social reformer, inter-faith leader and close associate of Gandhi. Author of the trendsetting bestseller, The Gita and Quran.

A genuinely enlightened soul who has inspired millions of people.

•Muhammad Akbar Khan
A prolific author on Islamic history. An army man, he polished his literary skills at the BBC, London, where he worked for several years. Many of his works in Urdu are considered to be classics. We at Alhamd Publishers are translating and editing his works for publication in English


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